southern sunshine.

Welcome Y'all.
Texas forever & Southern by the grace of God.
1 Timothy 4:12

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things im good at

  • petting dogs
  • rolling my eyes
  •  ¿ that’s all.

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“you don’t look depressed though”

oh yeah sorry i forgot to bring my literal dark cloud with me today

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"Only be with someone who you think you can learn from. They should be smarter than you in certain ways so that you can continue to grow and be interested. Above all, you should undoubtedly be proud that you are with them."


something my 10th grade history teacher told me about how he knew he wanted to marry his wife (via aurelle)

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remember when u were 9 and u were carrying ur little razor scooter and it would hit ur achilles and it felt like the earth was collapsing

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"Kissing a girl on the forehead is one of the sweetest things in the world."

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Obsessing over my new sperrys 😍⛵️

J.Crew April 2013

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